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Journal 3

  Hi. This is my first book review so I don't really know how to really start. This book is a puzzle solver's dream and the canon copy of Gravity Falls Journal 3. If you don't know about Gravity Falls, let me catch you up.


  It is a Disney show created by Alex Hirsch. It was about siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines going to their Grunkle (Great Uncle) Stan Mystery Hut filled with made up stuff to earn money. (Spoilers ahead) Dipper finds a book with a golden 5 fingered hand cardboard cutout with a 3 written on it. Inside is like a diary filled with adventures of the author and the villian of the show, BILL CIPHER.


  The book Journal 3 has a lot of codes and it solves a lot of questions that the show left unanswered like is Gravity Falls connected to Rick and Morty and has things like the Blind Eye. It talks about a guy who is the brother of Grunkle Stan, Grunkle Ford. He was trying to build a portal to other dimensions trying to figure out why Gravity Falls was so weird as Gravity Falls has weird creatures like gnomes and zombies and other things.


  It's a good book, to be frank. There are drawing of the creatures and make a good story and has a good science part for all science fiction fans and you get to solve codes like the vigernere cipher, caesar cipher and atbash cipher for all puzzle solvers delight.


  So I recommend to read it. Good luck piecing together the lore of the show and deciphering the codes and I hope to read your review if you do read it. Thanks for reading and goodbye! :)